Frac String Solutions

Ptech Canada is pleased to have obtained the licensing to purchase and rent Frac String Solutions quality products.

We at Ptech feel that Frac String Solutions complements and mirrors our quality products and service. Allowing us to push out far past our competition and provide a superior product where our competitors fall short.

Frac String Solutions LLC has created a Hybrid Workstring, Featuring Tubing Dimensions with Drill pipe durability and Strength with a connection that far exceeds the limits of our competitors. For more information about Frac String Solutions please visit

  • • Engineered for 4 1/2" and 5 1/2" casing applications
  • • Metal to metal seal
  • • Tested to 22,500 psi at 40deg/100ft bend radius
  • • Extended length upsets allow multiple recuts

3 1/2" 12.95Lbs c/w FSS-338 SPEC SHEET
3 1/2" 12.95Lbs c/w FSS-329 SPEC SHEET
2 7/8" 7.90Lbs c/w FSS-265 SPEC SHEET

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