Small Diameter Drilling & Completion Pipe

Are you tired of EXPENSIVE repair and replacement costs associated with lateral wellbore cleanouts?

Advantages of our high torque connection:

PTECH has the solution wiht our new HIGH TORQUE tubulars, which have a connection designed to do these jobs more efficientlys. These tubulars can handle drilling out plugs after well stimulation, wellbore cleanouts, frac plugs, sand cleanout, and snubbing without the pipe over torqueing.

Because our pipe and connections meet or exceed the torque required to mill out these plugs, the rig crew is not subject to working with pipe that has over-torque, over-pressure, or exceeding pull on the work string.

2 3/8" Drill pipe 6.65Lbs S-136 c/w PT 23 connections SPEC SHEET
PTECH 24 connections (coming soon)
PTECH 28 connections SPEC SHEET

PTech 24

This completion tubular has an inside diameter that enables the customer to run available tools already in use. This unique design of tubular has a much higher torque rating than all other pipe on the market. 135,000 yield connections. Compatable for hard banding. Standard rig tong will work. We have a rugged, tapered and double shoulder connection ideally suited for extended reach lateral completions. High pressure and safety in design well suited for top drive rig applications where a very high torque safety margin is a must. Great for milling and motor drilling applications.

Bullseye Tool

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API Certified

API Certified API Certified
  • PTECH completion pipe comes in 2-3/8 and 2-7/8 sizes. The tool joint connections are made of 135K yield steel that are longer in length for better wewar of the connection and the casing we work inside. These connections can be recut several times. The tubes are of the highest quality in the industry.

    The PTECH 23 and 28 pipes are excellent choices for sidetrack drilling and can also be hard banded.

    Connections are ideal for extreme services, which may be required for snubbing, fishing, or high pull weights. With our heavy duty tapered connection, less maintenance is necessary and provides additional savings in rig time, connection repairs, or pipe replacements. Our tool joins O.D. are fishing friendly.

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