Double-Shoulder High-Torque Pipe

PTech rental equipment has a history of reliability in the oilfield.

Better Hydraulics, Less Pump Pressure, Bigger I.D.

PTECH 39 Hevi-wate pipe SPEC SHEET
PT39 - 4" 14.00lbs S-135 Drill pipe SPEC SHEET
PTECH 43 Hevi-wate pipe SPEC SHEET
PTECH 43 - 4 1/2" 16.60Lbs S-135 SPEC SHEET
PTECH 47 Hevi-wate pipe SPEC SHEET
PT47 - 5" 19.50Lbs RG3 S-135 Drill pipe SPEC SHEET
PTECH 55 - 5 1/2" Drill pipe S-135 21.90lb SPEC SHEET

Available Tools

- Stabbing Guides
- Elevators
- Slips
- Kelly Valves
- Pump in Subs
- Bit Subs
- Various Cross over with API connections

API Certified

API Certified API Certified
  • New! PTech 47

    This pipe is designed using the high torque, rugged and dependable connection our customers have come to rely on and expect with service unsurpassed. The 47 thread pipe was designed to open up the inside diameter of our high torque connection to match up with a larger diameter tubes enabling this pipe to perform with distinct hydraulic advantage over other pipe designs with high torque capabilities.

    This pipe works well with current 1500 HP rigs without any rig alterations. One string of pipe instead of two sizes will save money, space and enable the smaller rig to drill out further with less horsepower and advantages of high torque pipe performance in every foot of drilling.

    PTech Technical Comparison

    Click here to download the PTech technical sheet (48MB).

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